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Art Level-2 Certified Program

Continuing Artistic Journey to move forward advancing Basic skills to Basic Advance Level

Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student
Expression8 Art Student

Art Level-2 Course Description


Certified course 


 Drawing Concepts

  • Animal Cartoon Drawing

  • Famous Character Replication

  • Nature Drawing

  • Perspective Drawing

  • Freehand Sketching 

  • Descriptive Art Basics

  • Facial Expressions

  • 2D and 3D Concepts


Painting Concepts

  • Color wheel Concepts

  • Fundamentals of Watercolor techniques. 

  • Color Mixing and shading effects. 

  • Watercolor Painting from sketch to final painting

  • Acrylic painting techniques

  • Different concepts & themes based on light and shadow effects. 


Shading Concepts

  • Light and shadow concepts

  • Use of different shading techniques

  • 3D Concepts

  • Perspective Concepts

  • Color Pencil Shading 

  • Pastel Shading

  • Charcoal Shading

  • Graphic Pencil Shading

  • White Charcoal Shading


Creative Art Concepts

  • Paper Crafting

  • Creative Painting on different themes

  • Mixed Media Art 

  • Clay Modeling Art

  • Imaginary Art on different subjects

  • Abstract Art Concepts

OUR GOAL: Providing right techniques and methods in visual art learning process where students can develop skills in various subjects and mediums. This will help them to become a skilled artist as they move forward with the courses we offer! Get a Certification as well after the course completion!

Important message:

We take all precautionary measures seriously to provide clean and Sanitized room with air purifier on in each room. We are doing our best to provide safe and secure environment for kids.


Class Timing and Fee Structure

Duration: 1 and half hours / Once a week class

Age group: 9 years to 11 years (Can be differ based on student's skills)


Class Timings: 

Mon to Friday:  4-5.30pm/ 5.30pm-7pm / 7-8.30pm

Saturday: 9am-10.30am / 10.30am-12pm

3pm-4.30pm /4.30pm-6pm /6pm-7.30pm

Sunday: Closed

Fee Structure:

Monthly Fee: $125 /Month One time

Registration fee: $50 (Non-refundable)

One time Material fee: $50 includes all materials as long as a student will be enrolled in the program.

Additional one-month advance deposit: $125 (This amount can be utilized as last month fee when a student plan to discontinue by informing us one month ahead. 


Materials: 100% of the Materials included in monthly fee.


Note: Admission will be based on trial assessment for all level courses. Please take an appointment to book the free 45-50 min trial class for your child.

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