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Artist Statement:

"I always wondered how our existence first came to be, and what part

of imagination had in its creation. The Art behind this is something we
cannot explain in words. The way I express it is through paintings.

I was born in India so you will see a little flavor of Indian culture in
my paintings. Most of my paintings are based on my own Imagination.
However, I indulge myself in various forms of art such as contemporary.
realism, landscapes, and figurative paintings."

Ms. Prashanti

My Journey......

Technical Experience and Projects Involved:


  • Art Director/Head Teacher 2008 -till Dateat Expression8 Art Gallery

  • 3D Animator 2008 Grouphug Productions

  • Sr. Graphic Artist 2005-2006 Company: Aurona Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Sr. Game/Graphic Artist 2004 -2005 Company: Electronic Arts International.

  • Game/Graphic Artist 2003 -2004 Company: Hanrej Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Lead Flash Animator 2002-2003 Company: Color Chips India Ltd.

  • In Between (IB)Animator 2001-2002 Company: Sriven Multitech Ltd.

  • Production Artist 1998 Company: Heart Animation Studios

  • Artist/Illustrator 1995-1998 Company: UBC Feature World


Awards and Certificates

  • Special Merit Award from Light Space and Time Online International Art competition. Badge and Certificate provided for my winning art.

  • Tri Valley Conservancy Plein Air Competition 2012: 3rd Place and Badge winner.

  • Exceptional Artistic Talent Award in the field of Fine Art: Award presented by Mr. N Parthasarthi (Consul General of India- SF)

  • Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery September 2012 Special Recognition award.

  • Outstanding contribution for promoting non-profit organizations: Award received by Mrs. Anu Natarajan (Vice Mayor, City of Fremont CA), Artist Simone Archer, and Mukund Gorla, president of Manavta US Chapter

  • Fremont Art Association: Honorable mention award for her Acrylic painting ‘Glimpse of Beauty’

  • Supporting NGOs and Environment: Awarded by GreenKidsNow organization.

  • Outstanding Contribution to Support Project Udaan: Awarded by OVBI


Published Material:


  • Telangana News 5th March 2018

  • CWA 44th National Exhibition 2014

  • Tri Valley Conservancy 2011

  • Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue-9

  • Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery September 2018

  • Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery September 2012

  • India West News Magazine 2012

  • Green Kids Conference 2013 Tri-City Voice News 2013

  • Jambish International Art contest Magazine

  • International Contemporary Art Magazine. 


Volenteer Contribution:

  • Art Of Living Organization

  • Durham Elementary School

  • IndoUSrare Non-profit organization

  • Manavta NGO 

  • Green Kids 

  • Fremont Art Association

  • Care for Children

  • Art Auction for Covid relief funds. 


Exhibitions & Achievements


  • CWA 44th National Exhibition 2014: I have been selected by California Watercolor Association for their 44th National Exhibition 2014. My painting got exhibited at Olive Hyde Art Gallery Fremont,CA

  • Group Exhibition: 3rd Annual Fine Art Exhibition 2014 by Artist Prashanti and other Artists in New Park Mall Cultural Corner Newark CA Exhibition Dates April 1st to April 14th

  • 7th Annual “Aritst’s in the Garden show” at Regan Nursery Regan Nursery Fremont CA June 29th to 30th 2013 Exhibited my art works for public view at Regan Nursery where every year local artists gather together to celebrate art by organizing booths and showcase their artistic talent in various mediums.

  • Tri Valley Conservancy 2012: As 3rd Place winner of Plein Air contest my work got exhibited and displayed at Livermore Library and the Bankhead Theater. The Bankhead Theater and the Tri-Valley Conservancy displayed the Freeze Frame "Top 25" photographs and the Tri-Valley Treasures 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mentioned paintings for public display for 3 months.

  • Fremont Art Association 47th Annual Fine Art Show 2012 My art works got selected for juried show and displayed at Fremont Art Association for a month for public display. The Exhibition took place Sep 29th to Oct 21st, 2012. One of my art work ‘Glimpse of Beauty’ got awarded for honorable mention.

  • Group Exhibit: 2nd Annual Fine Art Exhibition 2013 by Prashanti Art Inc Centerville Community Hall Fremont CA Exhibition Dates March 31st, 2013

  • Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery September 2012 Web Site: My Art work got selected in online contest and exhibited on their web site for 3 months for public view.

  • Group Exhibit: 1st Annual Fine Art Exhibition 2012 by Prashanti Art Inc. Centerville Community Hall Fremont CA Exhibition Dates April 8th 2012

  • Jumbish International Art Contest winner for Special recognition award 2018.



  • MFA from Academy of Arts SF CA 2008

  • Certification in Post Graduation Diploma in Digital Multimedia 2006

  • 3D Graphics Certification 2006

  • Master of Arts from Revi Shanker University India 1991


Year 2008 Courses at Ohlone Community college Fremont CA

1. Color Theory

2. Art History

3. Sculpting

4. 2D and 3D Animation

5. Photography

6. Descriptive Art

7. Game Art


Other Courses attended before year 2010:

1. Deco Clay Art

2. Painting sessions from different artists all over the Bay Area

3. Workshops from well-known artists in SF

4. Wood Burning workshop

5. Charcoal Portraits Workshop


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