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Ms. Pritika N.

Hi, I am pursuing my final year of my graduation at UCLA and exploring my capabilities by understanding new trends and technologies. I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to grab on my way during studying at UCLA. I have been associated with few organizations from past few years and Expression8 Art is one of them. It was great opportunity to be worked with children and manage administration part for this company and it allowed my growth in many aspects.  

Her Contribution: 

Pritika Nekkanti is one of the excellent teachers who took charge of teaching position at Expression8 Art Gallery in 2017. She had incredible talent in the field of art and participated in many artistic programs.  She always had a passion for art and during her school years, she displayed her abilities by taking art courses in middle and high school. She showed her talent at very young age by winning 3 times Reflection PTA in Elementary school and since then her creative journey continued. In High school, her Self-Portrait painting has been displayed in the FUSD office for public display.

The journey led her to become an art instructor at Expression8 Art when she was in high school.  She started sharing her knowledge with young artists between age 5-8 years.  Growing as an artist she learned child phycology by understanding how each child is different and unique from each other. This allowed her to make changes in her teaching pattern and treat each kid based on their capabilities and interests. She dedicated her time with teaching students for 4 years at Expression8 Art.  


In 2020 she extended her responsibility to accept CEO position in the organization. Her extensive knowledge of management skills and administration tasks helped to take the organization to the next level of growth. Under her management institute survived during Covid and implemented all online courses for hundreds of students to continue their learning process without any interruption. Her contribution will remain as a benchmark, and we will always remember her as an inspiration. Apart from CEO position, she has been teaching kids for over 5 years now and hopes to give a part of her knowledge to the students. She believes that every kid is unique and has always been patient with their learning process. She believes that art is a very skillful and useful talent to have in life. 

We wish her all the best for all future goals and successful career ahead!

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