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Adult Art Workshops



  • For absent notes, vacation break and last month notification should be informed formally through email.  We do not accept phone messages.

  • All policies will be strictly applied once a student joins the institute. 




  • Students must be in good health to attend each and every class.

  • Minor cold/Cough/fever a student must stay home and can attend class once fully recovered

  • Students must inform through email about absence ahead of time so we don’t assign the teacher.

  • Any major health issue must be informed and we will consider providing break as long it's needed and student will not be charged during the break.


  • All payments are non-refundable.

  • Monthly payment is for 4 consecutive weeks meaning 4 classes per month. Fifth week is normally closed, and no classes are conducted during that time.

  • Adult Art Workshops payment is on a monthly basis and not based on the individual classes. No pro-rate of fee for missed class unless the student takes a break for over 2 or more weeks.

  • Payment is due every 1st week of the month. You will receive an invoice through the email Id you provided and you can pay online. In case an invoice is not received, please pay at the front desk. A non-refundable Late Fee $10 will be applied, if payment is delayed and crossed the due date which is 15th of every month.

  • Please pay on time as we also send reminders to do so. Failure to make a payment after the due date crosses and not responding to our email communication will result in discarding the student's registration with us.  

  • No Prorated fee for student’s absences in the monthly fee.

  • We don't provide additional payment receipts for the entire year for anyone's taxation purpose.  Our payment invoice includes our tax Id and a student can save all the payment receipts for their tax purposes.




 Please follow below guidelines for absence and makeup class:


  1. Only one makeup per month per student is allowed.

  2. Students must inform us about their absence through email ahead of time min 2-3 days ahead.

  3. For sickness reasons, absence can be informed the same day 2-3 hours prior to the class time.

  4. Makeup class should be cleared in the same month and we don’t carry forward makeup to the following month.

  5. 2-3 weeks of absence can fall into vacation break and a student can refer to the Vacation policies below.


Note: Verbal communication not accepted for taking a break, please email us as we need written confirmation for all requests.

  • 1 week absence: No adjustments, makeup class will be provided if informed ahead of time. 

  • 2-3 weeks vacation plan: Mandatory to inform at the beginning of the month or minimum a week ahead of vacation for the fee adjustments.

  • 2-3 weeks sickness/emergency leave: Inform the day a student gets sick and if a student needs to take 2 or more weeks break. 

  • 1 month vacation: Inform us by email at the beginning of the month or 1 week ahead of vacation. You can hold the spot for $25 and join back class for the same day and time. If you are fine with other class timings after vacation. There is no fee required.

  •  2 months vacation:-Please check back the available class timings after the break is over. Registration will be active and your deposit will be safe with us unless you would like to use and discontinue.

  •  3-4 months or more vacation: Please discontinue classes and re-register when ready to join back.

Discontinuing classes: You must inform us 1 month prior to cancellation of classes to use the advance deposit. If a student without any notification disappears and does not attend classes for over 2 months the registration will be canceled automatically, and the deposit will be nonrefundable.


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