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Creative Angels' Course


Let's be Creative!

Course Description:


This is introductory session for little angels with lots of fun, creativity, crafting, coloring, and much more.

Kids will learn basic cutting, crafting, molding, coloring and understanding how to step into the creative art world. Kids will be introduced with various materials to understand its texture, color, and use them in their art projects. This course will allow a child to imagine, explore, and experience with colors, materials, and how to use creatively in their artwork. After this course they can continue with Art Level-1 course to learn fundamentals of different subjects to step forward towards their creative journey!

Leaf Art by Little Artists
Ink Art by Little Artists
Rock Art by Students

In person Course Detials:

Duration: 1 hour / week class

Age group: 5 years to 6 years

Class Timings: Monday to Friday 4pm-5pm and 5:30pm-6.30pm

Fee Structure:

Monthly Fee: $95 /Month

One time Registration fee: $50 (Non-refundable)

Material fee: $50 lifetime as long student will be enrolled in the program.

Additional one-month advance deposit: $95 This amount can be utilized as last month fee when student plan to discontinue by informing us one month ahead. No refunds allowed!

Materials: 100% of the Materials included in monthly fee.

Fill the form to book the free 45min trial session for your child today!

Kid's Art
Clay Art by Expression8 Art Students
Watercolor painting by Expression8 Art Student
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