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Please find below our Happy Customers' Organic reviews!

Testimonials from our customers and their experiences:

"My journey started at this institute a decade ago and spent over 7 years of learning different subjects and mediums under senior teacher's guidance and with the knowledge I gained, I can proudly say that I am an independent artist now and professionally opened my studio to share my knowledge to the younger generation. I highly recommend this place for students and adults to go and experience wide range of subjects and mediums to follow your passion and it may open new doors as it opened for me!"

Pritisha A
Fremont CA

"I have attended an adult class at Expression8 with Ms. Prashanti and I have been painting with Acrylic medium for some time now and I am very much satisfied with my learning curve. Starting as a very beginner, I have achieved confidence to paint by myself and I am enjoying my creative journey so far. Ms. Prashanti has tremendous knowledge in various mediums and subjects and has over 30 years of experience in the field of Art. It is my pleasure to have her as my teacher and I am sure all adults who learned with her will agree with my point. I am very much looking forward to learning different subjects under her guidance! I would like to share one of my artworks here...

David P.
California City CA 

We are new to the Fremont location and recently moved from NY and we were looking for some proper way of art classes for my both children where they can really improve their art skills. We found Expression8 Art, and it offers proper courses which we were looking for. It's been 4 months now and we see a huge difference in their learning skills. The best part we loved is the whole environment, cool staff, and kids are enjoying
thoroughly! And they offer various courses including the Digital Art program. Adult workshop sounds very exciting, and I am planning to join soon!

Anika K
Irvine CA

" My 6 yr old son is going to Prashanti art studio from one year. He likes very most than any other activity because of kids friendly curriculum, environment and Teacher Prashanti. He got appreciation from school teacher that he is very good at arts/paintings. Teacher Prashanti encourages kids to participate in other environmental conferences and contests from schools etc. Another important aspect is, she conducts some kinds of contest within adults artists as well and it is a awesome opportunity for adults who feels those are missing to show their talent.

I highly recommend Prashanti art studio for art, not just kids even for adults as well. "

Reviewed by :
Hari B. Fremont CA

My son joined Prashanti art gallery about 7 months ago. We see changes in the quality of his drawing, coloring, painting and other craft works. Especially his attention to details and nuances of his strokes have changed and he comes home with art pieces that has been decorating our rooms. I see a lift in his self esteem whenever he creates a new art piece. Prashanti art gallery is a great place to kindle your kids creativity.

Reviewed by :
Vimaladevi P. Newark, CA

Prashanti Art Gallery has been an amazing experience for my two 6 year olds. They have learned so many different styles of art. Both my girls have enjoyed their experience with this company. They are always so excited to go to class. I have never seen them this excited for any other art classes! The staff is also very welcoming and caring. Thank you so much Prashanti Art Gallery for teaching my little ones all the different styles of art!

Reviewed by:
Sasha F.Milpitas, CA

My little cousin loves coming here to learn the different techniques of art. They first started her off with coloring and now she's painting and these paintings are absolutely beautiful!! She loves her teachers so much that every month she makes them a little drawing along with a thank you card. The staff is so dedicated to their work and their main priority is teaching the young generation art in a fun, interactive way! I highly recommend everyone to send their kids and little cousins and siblings here!

Reviewed by:
Sara J. Fremont, CA

My son has been going to the art class from almost a year now and I am really glad I made him join. He is 6 years old and picked up drawing and painting very well. I like how the teacher had planned to start with the basics of free hand line drawing and coloring.
I was very impressed that my son can now draw animals, birds and clouds beautifully on his own.

Reviewed by:
Sonal D. Fremont, CA

"Great experience". I've been taking classes in this studio since two years. For the people who really want to master arts this is the right place for them and for kids too. I have seen how professionally all the classes are taken. You can never be bored at this place as there is something interesting going on. Not only adults even kids love it. The abstract art, clay art were the best, much more to wait for :) I absolutely love this place and recommend any parent to join their kids without second thought.

Reviewed by:
Bhavana R. Fremont, CA

This is the best place for your kids to learn something unique. My cousins kid joined here and now he is doing very well and all the arts are too good. They teaches very good with lot of patience. Controlling all the kids at a time is very difficult but still they are doing their best in it. I would like to suggest anyone that please do visit the studio once then you will really feel that there is something different that needs to be learnt!

Reviewed by:
Penubelli V.Fremont, CA

I studied painting here and the teacher was very knowledgeable. She was very willing to share her knowledge with me. I really felt she cared about my learning as she was very patient and really took the time to teach me all the finer details of painting. As a result, I feel I made very good progress in my painting skills. I highly recommend this school.

Reviewed by:
Simone L.Milpitas, CA

A really good art school ! I'm regularly attending since 2 years and it improved my drawing,shading skills and fine art techniques. Also, my sister joined it when she saw my paintings and how amazing other kids works are. I'm a teen and i have learned so much from Ms.Prashanti. She's such an amazing and a nice teacher. Everything is provided you don't have to buy anything and every class I learn a new thing. I highly recommend you to join this art studio, especially if you are a beginner. A lot of students have been there since I joined 2 years ago and they are still there and a lot of new students have been joining the program all the time Read less

Reviewed by:
Sara Almarzooqi . Fremont, CA

My daughter has been going to Prashanti Art studio for almost 2 years. She is always excited to go the class and always feels good and happy after 2 hour class. Her drawing and painting skills improved a lot and we had a good creative wall at our home with all her drawings/paintings. Very much recommended art studio for beginner kids if they have interest in painting and art.

Reviewed by:
Roopa A. Fremont, CA

I usually don't write reviews on yelp unless I really admire the place. Very amazing art gallery and studio with beautiful paintings and I bought few of them instantly last year and same time I came to know that they teach art as well so I joined my 8 years old kid and its been now around 10 months and she explored various subjects and developed interest towards art. Very good atmosphere and the most important part is they don't rush to teach random things, they follow very structure curriculum to enrich different fine art skills in kids. My daughter finished her basic level course and promoted to next level and she is very happy about it. We will continue here and recommend to join your kid if they are into art...

Reviewed by:
Ramesh G. Fremont Ca

I highly recommend Prashanti arts, if you want your child's basic art skills to strengthen, then this is the absolute right place to be in. My child has been going to Prashanti for almost a year and a half.
Prashanti's teaching methods and expertise are amazing and I see my child benefit from it tremendously.

Reviewed by:
Simran T. Fremont, CA

Great place for art lovers and very beautiful art works. I have purchased two paintings last week and very warm welcomed from staff and I enjoyed thoroughly. I would recommend art lovers to visit this place to see different style art by artist Prashanti who developed her own style in a unique way.

Reviewed by:
Inspira A.San Francisco, CA

I am writing a review for this institute because it truly deserves appreciation. My daughter joined 5 years back and she was just a beginner at art (mostly just doodling and scribbles). Today I am so proud of her because she creates such beautiful artwork.She even shows her school teachers what she has done from this art institute and they tell me she has amazing skills. The staff is very friendly and professional when dealing with their customers. I have never seen any rude behavior from them till date.I have also talked to Ms. Prashanti about my kid's progress and she has such enthusiasm when she talks about her student. That is something I really admire because she really wants her students to excel and doesn't just treat this a business. There are other teachers as well in this institute and all of them make my kid feel special as well.I highly recommend this place for all kids interested in art!

Reviewed by:
Jhanvi A.San Francisco, CA

This place is absolutely fantastic. The front desk is very welcoming and they take time to really explain their structure and policies. They have been established for a long time and I definitely prefer this place over those teachers teaching at their homes. My kids have a great time with Ms. Prashanti. She maintains discipline in the classroom and I'm so happy to see my children grow as artists.

Reviewed by:
Ishika N. Fremont, CA

Hi my daughter is going to prashanti for 3 month now n trust me have seen lot of development in her painting skills. Prashanti also does individual projects which are very innovative. Every class my daughter learns something new n nice tricks for drawing. Will strongly recommend her.

REviewed by:
Via H.Fremont, CA

Great place to learn... Excellent Teachers... And also they have wide range of Art collections with the decent pricing... Great place to buy and decorate ur home...

Reviewed by:
Sembian C.Fremont, CA

I like the traditional arts which are placed. Those are eye catcher. My daughter is attending since 2016. The teaching technique is very efficient.

Reviewed by:
Samba S. Fremont, CA

I loved the peacock painting & the painting of your daughter displayed on the gallery, beautiful color combinations used. Awestruck moments & glimpses, thanks for giving such feasts to our eyes.

Reviewed by:
Sailaja. Ventrapragada, Fremont CA

Great environment for kids to train from a renowned artist! My kid loves it!
Reviewed by:
Sasanka K.Fremont, CA

I was looking for art classes for my 7tearbold since he started Kindergarten and I found a perfect place. Prashanti Art is a nice little place tucked in a shopping complex in Fremont. The place is adorned with the art work completed by students which blew our minds away and motivated my young one. He looks forward to go every week and loves the class. Thank you Prashanti Art!

REviewed by:
Vikram B.Fremont, CA

My daughter has been going to Ms.Prashanti for over 2 years and she loves it. she does a variety of art every month. My daughter enjoys the special projects they do every month

Reviewed by:
Sree C.Fremont, CA

my kid likes going here and she enjoys the classes.
Reviewed by:
Nilay D.Fremont, CA

My daughter had been training under Ms. Prashanti for last 8 months n there is remarkable improvement in her drawing n colouring. But most importantly, she has become more confident with her strokes n sketching. The patience with which they teach is really commendable.

Reviewed by:
Shilpa G.Fremont, CA

I've been going here for 5 years now and to be honest I've seen a lot of improvement. I'm better at drawing, painting, and shading now. The teachers have helped me in such a way that I even got a couple of awards at my school for art competitions. This is definitely the best art school. If you are interested in really becoming a good artist, please check this place out .

Reviewed by:
Kiara S.Fremont, CA

I have never met an art teacher quite like you! Your instruction was clear, direct and informative. I came into this workshop for my child to improve himself and enjoyed having your talented hands. Your approach to teaching design and techniques has helped my child to see differently. As I observed, it is so experimental and fun! In just a short period of time, I've seen my child develop creativity and skill in painting. Thanks you for your patience with the 'new' kid in the class.

Reviewed by:
Blanca C.Santa Ana, CA

Great place to learn art. My daughter is going to this place. The teacher takes care of each kid very patiently.They get a chance to learn from very basic. That helps them to move further in art field. Not only drawing they get the chance to learn clay arts and different types of craft project. Highly recommended for those who loves art.

Reviewed by:
Rashmi R.Fremont, CA

I have been going to Ms. Prashanti art school from 4years and I learned many forms of art including oil painting, shading, oil on canvas, drawing, and many other mediums of art. I loved to work with Ms. Prashanti, she is one of the nicest , dedicated teachers I have ever seen and it is a joy to see her whenever my classes begin. Her works have inspired me to become a better artist

Reviewed by:
Natasha P.Fremont, CA

My kids have been going for years to Prashanti Art Studio. They love this place. I would recommend each and every parent to enroll their kids to this Art Studio. This is the only place for which my kids would be desperately waiting to go the whole week.

Reviewed by:
Bhuvana R.Fremont, CA

I can personally recommend this art studio. When ever I go kids are very enthusiastic and involved too much in painting. This is only the class my daughter really wants to go. If you want to send your kid for a better art, I would highly recommend you to send to this studio. Again, I am writing this because I liked it too much. I have not given my review to any one and this is my first review.

Reviewed by:
Srinivasa S.Fremont, CA

Great art school! My child has been going here for just a few months now and I already see a huge leap in her learning. Kids that go here get to learn much more than just regular drawing and painting - themes on social & environment awareness, stage skills, clay art, paper crafts,etc. I am very pleased with the teacher(s) as well. She is very flexible and accommodate class schedules if there is conflicts or compensatory classes required. Overall, highly recommend.

Reviewed by:
Preeps n.Fremont, CA

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